Hi, I'm Allan Cao


About Me

I'm a 1B Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo (stream 4) pursuing a Bachelor's of Applied Science.

My recent side projects are focused on writing Discord bots in Python to automate random things that I feel should be automated! I'm currently working on streamlining the deployments and updates to my Discord bots and game servers with containerization and a GUI interface.

I'm currently a League of Legends coach for XFlow Pink.


Python remains my strongest language to date, I primarily do most of my programming in this language. I'm learning C++ through school as well as on my own.

Python 100%
Javascript 65%
C++ 40%
CodceptJS 85%
Linux 60%



Allan Cao

Innovative and self-driven Computer Engineer with experience working with CodeceptJS, Python, Python based data analysis tools and extensive experience with discord.py


Bachelor of Applied Science

2021 - Expected 2026

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

I'm currently a 1B Computer Engineering student

High School Diploma

2010 - 2021

Westmount Charter School, Calgary, AB

Professional Experience

Automation Engineer - Coop

Jan 2022 - Apr 2022 (4 months)

Bluescape Waterloo, ON (remote)

  • Learned CodeceptJS and Playwright/Puppeteer
  • Managed multiple test cases at a time using Github branches, taking initiative to rewrite failing test cases creatively and positively
  • Refactored and developed reliable and maintanable test cases for Bluescape's front-end automation testing bringing the passing rate of nightly runs from 67% to ~93% in a suite of approximately 700 test cases
  • Worked independently and in tandem with development and automation team members to identify multiple bugs with the codebase and testing framework

I.T. Director

2017 - 2018

CCL Projects INC, Calgary, AB

  • Managed company software and hardware assets (laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and networking equipment).
  • Upgraded company laptops RAM/Hard Drives to SSDs ensuring optimal performance
  • Ensured cybersecurity by installing and maintaining a Bitdefender installation on all company devices


Felix Bot

A Discord bot that connects a Discord server to a phone via SMS messages.

Nami Bot

A revolutionary way to batch rename your server!

Yuumi Bot

meow! (≧◡≦) i'm Yuumi bot, the gweatest discowd bot ever c-cweated.


UW-menu: the smart way to find what's available in the cafeteria

Big Data Challenge 2020

3 time award winner in the National Highschool Big Data Challenge most recently, awarded 2nd place of the CCUNESCO Scholarly Communication Award

Web Connected Rokenbok

I used an Arduino to emulate the serial connetion between the command deck and the actual remote based on the work of timdv on Instructables.com and and I based a Flask web server around the work of simonvc to control the vehicle as well as see the action based on the work of Miguel Grinberg.