I'm Allan Cao

Student, Programmer and Innovator


Big Data Challenge

Award winner in the 2020 Big Data Challenge

The abstract of our paper, "Using global surface water and temperature data to identify key factors in water resource conservation" can be found on the STEM Fellowship website along with all other abstracts.
We are planning to publish our full paper with STEM Fellowship.

Award winner in the 2019 Big Data Challenge

The code used to make graphs and complete data analysis are open source at GitHub. The abstract of the paper, "Factors Affecting Global Mental Health and Happiness" can be found on the STEM Fellowship website along with all other abstracts. By representing my group, I presented the paper (powerpoint) at the SAS Canada Headquarters in Calgary on the National Big Data Day of Feb 21, 2019, I won the Digital Science Scholarly Communication Award after being judged by the National Research Council. Pre published paper on Research Gate.

Hydroponics System

After a less than successful attempt at Aquaponics, I'm trying out Hydroponics instead!

Hydroponic Pepper
Kratky Lettuce
Hydroponics System
Tomato Plant

Computer Generated Music

By training an LSTM on Chopin's piano works, I created a computer model that can create music in the style of Chopin on demand. One such work can be found on my musescore page. Further improvements can be made including rewriting for TPU enabling a larger training dataset. Skuldur's Classical Piano Composer GitHub repository containing a Python implementaion of an LSTM with Keras was used to run the training model.

Instructables Page

My first contact with Instructables was in April of 2014 under the account name Alicat 123. I posted two simple tutorials on how to build a train out of K'NEX one improving on the other. I've since improved my photography skills and informative writing skills and I currently post under the username, The Raspberry Pi Machine.
While not all my projects get posted to Instructables, I have posted the ones that others may benefit from having.